Charity Support Program


 The CandleCalm Charity Support Program was a program which was created during the business planning phase of CandleCalm however, the spirit of supporting charities and those who need help existed within our family a long time before CandleCalm was born.

From participating in outrageous and crazy sporting events, simply donating or sponsoring online, travelling off the beaten track to reach people in need of food, clean water, clothing etc, we've always tried to help those who need it most.

Unfortunately, one day, that need came home.

Our worst fears were realised when our daughter Alice was diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy at 3 years of age.

As parents of a child suffering with a disability, and beginning to feel the additional pressures of this unfortunate situation, it was important to us that we tried to dedicate some support towards helping children like our own daughter Alice.

The CandleCalm Charity Support Program has been designed to do just that.


SMA UK, being very close to our hearts, will be the initiating charity for the CandleCalm Charity Support Program.

Every 12 months, our followers will get to vote for 3 pre-selected children's charities. Once the vote has been completed, we will support the selected charity for 6 months before returning to our default charity, SMA UK for the remaining 6  months.

 If you would like to see a British children's charity placed on the voting list, please email us at

For every candle purchased, we donate 50p to the selected charity.
For every packet of wax melts purchased, we donate 25p to the selected charity.


Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) is a rare, genetically inherited, neuromuscular disease. It affects approximately 1 in every 10,000 births each year and causes muscle weakness and wasting (atrophy).

There are three main types of SMA with differing levels of severity, but they all impact on the ability to sit, stand, walk, eat, breathe and swallow. Those living with SMA, and their families, often need emotional support alongside practical support, such as medical interventions, daily help with simple tasks and specialist equipment

In the UK, the registered charity organisation SMA UK work very hard in order to provide care and support to the SMA community.

SMA UK's mission is to provide accurate information and a wide range of support services, while working to improve access to the best care, services and drug treatments today, and funding research project that could change tomorrow.

You can visit the SMA UK website to find out more, offer support, make a donation or become a fundraiser by clicking the following link:

Together, we can all make a change.