Quality, Without The Glitter

I've stood in various shop isles, sniffing away, putting one down, picking another up, going to and thro, trying to decide which scent is going to fit my interior; which scent is going to make me relax and reduce my anxiety; which scent is going to have my visitors quizzing me on where I purchased the divine smell.

I eventually make up my mind, having learned from the previous failed attempts at finding a candle that actually smells when burned. I pay upwards of £50 and depart for home with my new waxy friend that has promised an internal heaven.

I get home and finish off the day, immersed in the book I'm reading, whilst lying in a nice, warm and cosy bed, inhaling the scents of my new 30cl scented candle...…wait, what scents?

I give it 4 or 5 days, I burn the candle beyond my brain's limbic region threshold of 4 hours for scent blindness, but still nothing. My brand new, dazzling container, packed full of promises fails to come through, and leaves me staring at a £50 scentless flame, but at least the jar looks nice.

Prior to starting CandleCalm, this is how nearly every candle we purchased behaved. Expensive, non-scented crap, jazzed up and looking tarty in a fancy printed box, with the best adverts on the various social media platforms promising me a virtual dance through fields of blooming lavender, or coffee under the Eifel Tower, or some other bizarrely dreamed up description of the scent. 

We vowed to change this with our product.

Firstly, with the scented wax. We both attended essential oil courses, read books, trialled various waxes and took them beyond thresholds for holding essential oils. We trialled, then trialled some more, then trialled some more, until we had a scented wax that you could smell for days on end, even without lighting the candle, and our returning customers hold testament to this. We also things real, such as the scents. We list our essential oil blends on the front of every jar, so you know exactly what you're getting. Sorry guys, no fragranced 'coffee under the Eifel Tower' here.

Second came the price. We consulted many different retail experts, who all gave us the same advise for mark up percentages on handmade products, which we respectfully declined. This may be to the detriment of our company, but our mark up was significantly lower than that advised. Our tactic being "Quality products at low prices always sell, it's just a matter of marketing". One thing we're very proud off is keeping our prices low for what we sell, and you'll be very hard pushed to find a 30cl essential oil soy wax candle at similar prices elsewhere.

Another way of keeping prices low to make sure that we didn't go all out on packaging. After all, those lovely fancy candle jars that you throw away once empty, cost you, not the business owner. Instead, we designed a way to re-use ours, and kept every biodegradable, so it doesn't hurt your pocket, or the environment. In fact, you get to grow kitchen herbs that we provide with our jars.

Ok, so we've covered quality and cost, now for the big giveback! The above wasn't enough for us, so we decided to create our Charity Support Program, where EVERY single sale represents a donation to either Spinal Muscular Atrophy UK, or Marlow Refugee Action. 

So, in a nut shell, when you buy a CandleCalm product, you get scents; you get aromatherapy, you get much better quality than the glittery, fancy named unscented pot on your mantlepiece, at a lower cost and without damaging the environment, plus, you've just made a donation to one of our charities. Now, that's something to ponder whilst your sucking in our blissful scents.

Makes scents, doesn't it?

As always CandleCalmers, thank you so much for reading and your continued support. We're nothing without you!

Stay warm, stay safe and ignite your scents.

Team CandleCalm.

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