About Us

Who's behind the brand?

First of all, I'd like to give you a really warm personal welcome to CandleCalm. My name is Nok and I'm at the helm of this small family run business, based out of the beautiful and very friendly riverside town of Marlow. Guided by my husband and best friend Chris (Dad) and our two little ones, Josh and Alice, together we form Team CandleCalm.

The company was formed predominantly, due to some very kind feedback from various members of our extended family and some of our friends, who have all been burning my candles for some time now. Although we have decided to take advantage of such feedback, another reason lurks behind the formation of CandleCalm.

Our daughter Alice was sadly diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy back in 2019. Spinal Muscular Atrophy is typically an infant disease and is the biggest genetic killer of infants in the world today. It affects the voluntary muscles, weakening them over time and ultimately resulting in heart and/or respiratory failure. This aspect must never become a sob story or a cry for help, but it is factor and a daily reminder of what drives us and CandleCalm.

Since I've known Chris, he has always worked away from home. When I met him, he was a Royal Marines Commando, then he plied his trade into private security and the offshore oil and gas industry. We became very accustomed to seeing Dad only now and again however, Alice's diagnosis changed everything.

Life with a dependent child can get tough, and although we count our little blessings everyday, a little extra help around the house would be very welcome. So, we sat and trawled through idea after idea, month after month, (whilst I was making candles) for something that may just provide a big enough platform for a lifestyle change; a way of working from home. After months of throwing ideas out of windows, nothing had dropped, until one fateful night, Chris was sat in the living room and I lit one of my Lavender and Peppermint candles.

"Babe, what is that smell?"

"Lavender and Peppermint" I replied.

Josh, our 10 year son actually came up with the name, which just clicked straight away and Chris took the rest from there......and that, Ladies and Gentlemen, is how CandleCalm was formed.

Welcome to the CandleCalm family.

Nok (Mum)

is the very proud scent developing, candle making, wax ninja, and she's awesome at making candles that burn well, burn safe and smell great. She's the one who controls all of the materials and ingredients, she developed the scents that we currently offer and is the one who spends night after night, while the kids are asleep, doing all the testing. She's the one who blends, melts, mixes, pours and cures to ensure you end up with an amazing product and she's also the one who boxes and sends out your special essential oil scented soy wax candles as quickly as possible once you've purchased one.

To Nok, the thought of something that she has made by hand, gracing somebody else's interior, genuinely fills her with happiness (and that ain't no business plug), but it also brings with it a sprinkle of anxiety for her, as she wants everything to be perfect for our amazing customers.

Chris (Dad) 

I'm kind of like the Managing Director, but I'm not fond of that job description, it sounds way too corporate and formal, and that's not what CandleCalm is about. I'm more of a panicker/problem solver/worrier, who spends more time burning Nok's candles and reading than anything else these days and I like to keep things informal.

This is all about providing amazing candles, but it's also about us, as a family and our customers. It's a symbiotic relationship. We want to know how you feel, what you think, your dislikes and likes when it comes to our products. We want you to be able to shape the way the company grows and have input. Input that we will listen to and try our best to accommodate. We'll grow what you like and try to improve the things you don't.

I advised Nok to begin offering her amazing products to the public after a year of giving them away to friends and family, who always gave great feedback. I just wished I'd done it sooner to be honest, but better late than never.

So, I'm responsible for the general business administration, website building and the marketing of CandleCalm. Jumping in at the deep end and having to learn new skills and drills, I'm enjoying the challenges I face day to day and I look forward to the day where we may see the CandleCalm logo on retail shelves. I'm also super passionate about the environment, so I developed the 'Glow n' Grow' initiative of CandleCalm. Check it out here 'Glow n' Grow'. 

Josh (the 10 year old gamer)

is, along with his little sister, the quality control manager and supervisor of his counterpart, Alice. He spends as much time quality controlling his Fortnite and Minecraft gaming skills as he does quality controlling for CandleCalm.

Highly important to this journey, is that as we grow and learn together. Josh is learning how to get to grips with identifying other opportunities in the market, being through social media or face to face with potential customers, he is coming up with some very cool ideas and continues to learn a little bit about his management position, guided by the Managing Director and Product Manager (Mum and Dad).

Alice (the 5 year old inspiration)

is the quality control manageress. She gets to check to make sure that the candles have cured for over 24 hours before being moved, that the top level of soy wax (the seal) on the candle is nice and smooth and ready for the first burn and that candles have an amazing cold scent throw (her sense of smell has not been compromised by life's other vices just yet, so her approval is turbo pure, and yes, that was a business plug lol). She is our inspiration every single day.

Alice is severely restricted in what should be normal movement and strength for a 5 year old girl of her age, but this has never got her down or stopped her from trying. She attacks every day with such positivity and determination, that we try to follow her example. Alice's spirit maintains our stance that CandleCalm should never become a chase for money, but a chase to fulfill our lives together as a family and enjoy the ride that the company brings, and again, the minute it stops being fun is the minute it stops!