Why CandleCalm

Welcome to our 'Why'....

We extend a warm and personal welcome to CandleCalm.

Allow us to introduce ourselves as the driving force behind this family-run enterprise. I am Nok, the founder and leader of our small business, with invaluable support from my husband and trusted partner, Chris (Dad), as well as our two children, Josh and Alice. Together, we constitute Team CandleCalm.

Our company originated from the convergence of Chris and my shared passion and a deep-seated desire to enhance the quality of life for our daughter, Alice, who bravely battles Spinal Muscular Atrophy.

Over the years, Chris has extensively explored the multifaceted benefits of essential oils, utilizing them for relaxation, sleep support, culinary endeavors, and leisurely pursuits like reading. The remarkable versatility and advantages offered by essential oils propelled us to embark on this entrepreneurial venture, instilling a clear purpose within CandleCalm.

In 2019, Alice received the devastating diagnosis of Spinal Muscular Atrophy, a predominantly infantile condition that represents the most prevalent genetic cause of infant mortality worldwide. This aspect, though we refrain from dwelling on it as a tale of despair or a plea for assistance, serves as an ongoing impetus for both Alice's personal well-being and the driving force behind CandleCalm.



Throughout our relationship, Chris has primarily worked away from home, initially serving as a Royal Marines Commando before transitioning to private security and the offshore oil and gas industry. However, Alice's diagnosis brought about a transformative shift in our priorities.

Caring for a dependent child can present formidable challenges, and the toll of being away from home weighed heavily on Chris as he yearned to be present for Alice's guidance and support during difficult times. Consequently, we embarked on an exhaustive search for an opportunity that would offer a substantial platform for a lifestyle change—one that would enable us to work from home, deliver exceptional service, and allow us to spend more time with Alice. After months of brainstorming and discarding numerous ideas, a fortuitous moment presented itself.

One evening, I blended a combination of Chris' favorite essential oils and incorporated them into one of my homemade candles. As Chris toiled away on his laptop, he inquired about the delightful aroma permeating the room.

"What is that scent?" he asked.

"Lavender and Peppermint," I replied.

His eyes gleamed with excitement, and in that instant, he requested further blends of his preferred fragrances.

It was our 10-year-old son at the time, Josh, who astutely suggested the name CandleCalm, a choice that instantly resonated with us. Chris took the reins from there, and thus, CandleCalm was born.

We wholeheartedly welcome you to the CandleCalm family.


Nok (Mum) - is the very proud scent developing, candle making, wax ninja, and she's awesome at making candles that burn well, burn safe and smell great.

She's the one who controls all of the materials and ingredients, she developed the scents that we currently offer and is the one who spends night after night, while the kids are asleep, doing all the testing. She's the one who blends, melts, mixes, pours and cures to ensure you end up with an amazing product and she's also the one who boxes and sends out your special essential oil scented soy wax candles and melts as quickly as possible once you've purchased one.

To Nok, the thought of something that she has made by hand, gracing somebody else's interior, genuinely fills her with happiness (and that ain't no business plug), but it also brings with it a sprinkle of anxiety for her, as she wants everything to be perfect for our amazing customers.

Chris (Dad) - Is kind of what you'd call a Managing Director, but he's not fond of that job description, it sounds way too corporate and formal, and that's not what CandleCalm is about

He is more of a problem solver/worrier, who spends more time burning Nok's candles and reading than anything else these days and he likes to keep things informal.

He is responsible for the general business administration, website building and the marketing of CandleCalm. Jumping in at the deep end and having to learn new skills and drills. He enjoys the challenges he faces day to day and he looks forward to the day where we may see the CandleCalm logo on higher end retail shelves. He's also passionate about the environment, which is why he developed the 'Glow n' Grow' initiative of CandleCalm. Check it out here 'Glow n' Grow'. 

"CandleCalm is not really about just providing candles, as there are loads of them about. This, to us, is about providing amazing aromatherapy and meeting our customers needs. We want you to feel great, have amazingly scented interiors, whilst enjoying a candle you know has provided some help to somebody else as well." - Chris


Alice - She is our inspiration every single day.

 Alice is severely restricted in what should be normal movement and strength for a 8 year old girl of her age, but this has never got her down or stopped her from trying. She attacks every day with such positivity and determination, that we try to follow her example. Alice's spirit maintains our stance that CandleCalm should never become a chase for money, but a chase to fulfil our lives together as a family and enjoy the ride that the company brings, and again, the minute it stops being fun is the minute it stops!